Conversations Worth Remembering

15822525_10154116072722483_4007512976110479172_nBy Becky Holland

Conversations with my parents these days center on a bunch of topics. Mom is my best friend and Daddy is like the voice in my head anyway, so  I like talking to them.

Recently, I asked my mom, Gerry, 81, if she could be any animal what would it be and why.

Mom thought for a few minutes. “I remember going to visit my grandparents – the Poplins, and seeing the farm animals – they always looked like they were happy and petted. My uncle, Don, had the farm. There were some calves. They were a bit adventurous, happy and seemed to enjoy their freedom. They loved following my uncle around to get fed. But then they had time to have fun and had freedom to do whatever they want – including follow their moms,” she said.

“They were pretty. I thought I would like to be a calf because I could be free to do what I wanted and just follow my mom around,” my mom said. She said she would be a brown with spots.

I asked mom to ask dad what animal he would be. James Holland, 83. was working in his ‘closet’ building or doing who knows what when Momma found him. She carefully asked him the question, and held the phone so I could hear.

“What animal would you be?” Mom asked.

“A Giraffe,”  my dad said without taking too much time to think. I tried to stifle my laughter. But then she asked why. Daddy said, “Because I have been short all my life.”

Mom and I couldn’t help but giggle.

Oh, the conversations.


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