The last meal ever

15825833_10154115848592483_3271506302658376740_nBy Becky Holland

“Hey mom! Are you ready for the question of the day,” I asked. My mom said, “Sure.”

“If you had one meal that you would eat for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?”

Gerry Holland, 81, paused. “Chicken and spaghetti … Because it is good and I don’t have it very often.”  Now, the kind of chicken and spaghetti that most people would think of. In my house, Chicken and Spaghetti is made with the sauce and noodles like regular spaghetti, no cheese and chicken.

“What would dad say?”

Mom asked, and I could hear his answer and couldn’t help but giggle.

James C. Holland, 83, said, “Ice cream topped with everything and chocolate syrup … It won’t matter what is on it, because it will by my last meal.”

Oh … the wisdom of parents ….

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