Question of the day

15894407_10154115931037483_357684802314493225_nBy Becky Holland

The phone rings in Georgia, and my mom picks up. “Hello?” It was almost as if she knew it was me.

After some idle chit chat, I asked, “Are you ready for the question of the day?”

She laughed, and said, “I don’t know if I am ready, but go ahead and ask. As long as you don’t mind me washing dishes.”

Question of the day: If you could have a superpower or be a superhero what would it be or who would it be? 

Mom, 81: “I would be the one who could just throw her hair back and throw her arms up, and just jump up or down or into something and just show that I could do it and be safe – Superwoman or wonder woman.”

Dad, 83 (after giving a serious philosophical answer): “Superman – as long as I had a towel I could use as a cape.”

Gotta love the parents.

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