51bqvqrow1l-_sx323_bo1204203200_-1Torch by Cheryl Strayed
A Book Review By Becky Holland
Vintage Contemporaries – Publisher
ISBN-10: 0345805615
ISBN-13: 978-0345805614

* I received this book to review

Teresa Rae Wood has this theory in life – it is time to do good, work hard and be incredible. In fact, she tells this to her listeners of the radio show, ‘Modern Pioneers.’ Though she has had her own fair share of troubles and challenges, including a bad marriage and typical mother-children difficulties and financial issues, she tries to follow her own advice.

Then … Teresa is told she has cancer and it is more than likely terminal. It was like the very thread that held her family together began to unravel, and piece by piece, the fabrics of their lives were torn apart.

Knowing Cheryl Strayed’s own personal past, you can see a few of her own life and crisis woven into the story. It is a beautiful piece of work that takes the reader through a painful walk through a hard time in life.

But in the end, it all work out.


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