Starbucks for canines?

imag1413-2By Becky Holland

According to veterinary science and other esteemed, credentialed research, there is a long list of foods and drinks that are quite harmful to dogs – and coffee ranks pretty high on that list.

Which is such a shame in my mind – as I have just recently discovered what pure joy a cup of coffee can bring into a person’s day.

My family has been coffee drinkers since way before I was born. Though I had my tastes now and then, I didn’t become a coffee disciple until moving to a little community just southwest of Tyler,  Texas.

That is when I was introduced to a generic Keruig- well, maybe not generic, but a Walmart sold one-cup K-Cup machine. The Kcups make just the right amount of coffee. (My dad had tried for years to teach me how to do it – make the perfect cup of coffee – but I just never could get the measurements right.)

16194977_404041276609929_8916733623451251587_nMy life turned around then – and I felt like a grown up.  I felt coming hope with my happy juice – a cup of Starbucks, and there was nothing for the dog.

Now, my dad says not everyone is excited about hearing about dogs, and probably don’t want to hear about dogs all the time.  I know he is right. It is kind of like how I am not excited about the bashing of cops or hearing everyday about people bashing the media. Everyday, the same thing.

Anyway, I do respect the responsibility I have to the dog.

And I enjoy giving him treats. That is when I discovered Starbucks has a treat for dogs. Yup. It is called a Puppuccino. 

The canine at my house loves his puppuccino. If I come home and I have Starbucks, I better have one for him.

Luckily for both of us, it is not often as we are trying to watch our portions and our sugar intake. It is like as my friend, Travis said, “crack for the dog.” (Not that either one of us has used or tried or been around crack.)

16409190_404002759947114_75607101_oIt has now gotten to the point that he won’t eat or take a treat without me using his Starbucks’ cup.

Starbucks should be commended – what an awesome marketing production with the invention of the puppuccino.

Regardless of how true my pop’s statement is, this society has become a society where most people are dog owners. Or dog companions.

Here is Toby’s response to the puppuccino.


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