Andersons share tales of dogs, benefits

By Becky Holland

The following are book reviews of Allen and Linda Anderson’s ‘Angel Dogs – Divine Messengers of Love’ and ‘ Dogs & The Women Who Love Them – Extraordinary True Stories of Loyalty, Healing and Inspiration.’

I received both books from New World Library.

e2294c0ab6e66b97ae29877346181a61“Dogs and The Women Who Love Them” – They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend.  The Anderson through the stories they compile from women of all shapes, sizes and such proof “they” wrong. A dog truly is a girl’s best friend. The book was featured on as one of the top dog books of 2010, and remains on a must-read list for all those canine fans. It features numerous stories that not only inform but encourage and are inspiring. The women featured give honest, open epistles about their relationships with their dogs. Though many of these dogs were “rescues” – each woman comes to a conclusion that maybe they were rescued as well.  Check it out- you will be glad you did. 4.7  Stars




angel-dogsAngel Dogs – Divine Messengers of Love : Dogs, research has proven, are more than just pets in most cases. Dogs are a part of family. They offer comfort, companionship, and even allow the owner some sense of accountability. Dogs have been used as therapy tools in helping those who have been a part of some life-altering tragedy, helped to rehab prisoners, visit the sick and elderly and even provide entertainment. In this book, we are faced with some true stories of how deep the connection between humans and their canine companions go. This isn’t a self-help book, nor is it something that has been taken over the top, it is a story that gives a revelation and analysis to an aged old question – what makes dogs so special. Another good one from the Andersons. 4.7 stars.

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