Giving it up

By Becky Holland

Lent season is here. Many posts and articles are done about giving something up for Lent. I myself posted something today – I plan on giving up 1. giving up Facebook and 2. having my phone on during dinner and 3. calling or texting people who don’t call or text me.

I could hear my dad tsking when and if he read my FB post. A big part of “giving something up” or “fasting” to improve or enhance your relationship of God isn’t about being vocal about it. What is our need of validating what we do?

Dad’s theory is we might reveal too much about ourselves sometimes, but also, he thinks we should just do it, let it happen and let others see change – instead of preaching or proclaiming change. As a social media addict, I thought about it. Yeah, when I fail and peek on Facebook er or text during a meal or take a picture at the doctor’s office (which I did today) to post on Instagram, everyone will know.

And then where is the authenticity in the action?

Before you can actually give something up for Lent, I think you have to understand what it means. You’d think I could tell you word for word – what with growing as a PK, a PGK and a PN, and being a Christian since I was the age of seven, I could explain it.

(Preacher’s Kid, Preacher’s Grandkid, Preacher’s Niece)

I am a Southern Baptist, what can I say? No. That is not right.Anyone who calls themself a fan of God and His word should know.

I visited a website called, “Lent for Dummies or Non Christians” and you know, I loved the way they explained Lent. Well, not they. Ana Martinez-Ortiz did a great job.

Lent begins March 1 with Ash Wednesday and ends April 13. As Ms. Ortiz explained, “Lent is a 40-day journey practitioners prepare themselves for the coming of Christ on Easter Sunday through prayer, penance and repentance of sins.”

No journey is complete without a few rules.  The first most important part of Lent is that you have to give up something for the 40 days – a luxury.  This could involve anything from chewing gum to gummy bears to your morning

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