Julie Klam offers good dog reads

By Becky Holland

The following are my book reviews on “Love at First Bark – How Saving a Dog Can Sometimes Help You Save Yourself” and “You Had Me At Woof – How Dogs Taught The Secret of Happiness” by Julie Klam.

Both books were sent to me to review by the publisher. (And I am glad)

417y+wNsGlL._SY346_Love at First Bark – Julie Klam has been a dog owner for a long time. She has advocated for dogs. Growing up in New York, Klam has written for numerous publications and a television show on VH-1 for which she won an Emmy nomination. But for me, it is her books on dogs and her life with them that make her a favored author.  In Love at First Bark, she details with care, love, and humor  stories of rescuing dogs. From a pit bull  to a special needs’ terrier and so on, Klam’s discovery is simple – life is better when we help others – people and animals.  You will love this one at first page. I promise. 4.9 stars.



jk1You had me at woof –Working  in a part time job that she really wasn’t happy with, still single at age 30, Julie Klam was just in the mehs or blahs. Through a dream of a Boston Terrier, Klam decided that maybe the dog was the companion she needed – not the man she fantasized for. Comforting, realistically-written, and full of emotional with dots of humor here and there, this story reveals how having the dogs in her life enhanced her people skills, her ability to communicate her feelings and showed her how to care. Read it, you will be glad you did. I was. (4.91/2 stars)

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