‘Sophie’ proves to be good tale

444A book review of Sophie – The Incredible True Story of the Castaway Dog
by Emma Pearse

(Received this book from the publisher to review)

4.8 stars

By Becky Holland

Sophie, an Australian cattle dog, was enjoying a day with her owners – Jan and Dave – on their boat out in the marina. All of a sudden, the perfect day turned into an unperfect one as a storm came out of no where – the skies got very dark and the waves were hard. Sophie fell overboard.
Jan and Dave were seriously heartbroken. They couldn’t figure out what to do and their hearts were in so many pieces. Sophie was an important part of their family.
As they were grieving with what they felt happened, Sophie was proving to be a strong survivor. She swam for six miles, it is believed, and survived on an island. Through what is pieced together with Jan and Dave and others, Emma Pearse put together a story equal to that of Robinson Crusoe and Tom Hanks in Castaway. You will be awed, surprised, motivated and filled with compassion.

You will also want to hold on to your dog tightly.

 Remarkably, Sophie and Jan and Dave were reunited.
There is much more to tell about the story, but you need to read it, so I won’t reveal much more except to say it will be a book you won’t want to put down until you turn the last page.

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