Take a look at old dogs


A review of ‘My Old Dog – Rescued Pets with Remarkable Acts’ by Laura T. Coffey and Loria Fusaro by Becky Holland

I received the book from the publisher to review

My Old Dog – Rescued Pets With Remarkable Second Acts –  Laura Coffey compiles in this book several stories of old dogs, and just how have they live life. There is no drama. There is no tears. There is no gushing from the author.From sharing stories of George Clooney’s black Cocker Spaniel, Einstein, to Duval – a certified therapy dog who works with first graders learning how to read, Coffey puts words to the pictures taken by Lori Fusaro. The stories are almost like life lessons that we learn from these senior dogs.  bl

Coffey shares about how adopting a dog who is older can be just as much as a good thing as getting a puppy – and probably better. Though the older dogs are older obviously, and may not have as much energy as a puppy, older dogs offer stability, dedication and unconditional love.

It is a good read for any dog person, especially those seeking to adopt a dog.  4.5 stars

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