Soul-saving fun in Heaven Bound DVD

heaven_bound_2Heaven Bound DVD
Genre: Christian Movies
Fish Flix

Review: 4.5 Stars
By Becky Holland,
(I received a free copy of the DVD for review purposes.)

Life is full of choices – we get to choose what to wear, choose what to say, choose what to hear, choose who to talk to and choose what to watch.

A good choice of what to watch would be ‘Heaven Bound- a Christian movie DVD to be released to the general public on March 27.

Christian Movies, like the Heaven Bound DVD, offer more than just entertainment.

From Fish Flix, the movie incorporates humor and drama on an even balance to share an important message – that even the most desperate of times, God has a plan for us all. We just have to let Him do His work – even when it might frustrate us.

The story revolves around Ted and Josie Talbott – a well-off couple with good jobs and money. Ted is so wrapped up in his career that he forgets the little things in life – including the mascot of his advertising campaign on the roof of a truck. That one incident throws Ted and Josie’s lives in a tailspin – as he loses his job, and they lose their money.

In an effort to reclaim some sanity in their lives, with the help of Josie’s little brother, Moochie, they plan to rob Josie’s boss – a wealthy cancer patient.

The plan gets bungled when the boss captures them, and does a ‘salvation piñata.’

The wealthy cancer patient locks them in his house, and starts sharing with them the plan of salvation by having open discussions.

You’ll laugh, you’ll giggle and you will nod in agreement as the wealthy cancer patient holds the bungling burglars captive while sharing the stories of Christmas and Easter with them. It is 88 minutes you will be glad you gave up.

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