Books for the Spring for you

Book Reviews by Becky Holland

ShiftThe Shift by Tory Johnson: Tory Johnson is a New York Times Bestseller and Good Morning America Contributor. With an eye-opening honesty and a can-do attitude, Johnson shares how attitude really can determine your ‘altitude’ or the way you live your life -and even maybe extend your years. Johnson has had many issues with weight for most of her life – though she knew she needed to change, Tory admits to never consistently following through. In this book, Johnson gives it to us straight – honestly and sometimes with humor.  Need a kick start to your journey to change, maybe you just need a shift too. (This book was purchased for $1 at the Dollar General in Chandler, Texas.) 4.3 Stars 

TwoDogsTwo Good Dogs by Susan Wilson: First discovered Ms. Wilson when I was recovering from ovarian cancer in 2006. Ever since I have been a fan. St. Martin’s Press sent me the book for preview and review. The story revolves around the mess that Cody – a 14-year-old troubled girl who witnesses a murder. Her worried mom changes careers and moves the family. The already withdrawn Cody goes deeper into being an introvert. That is until she meets Chance, a pit bull belonging to Adam – a guest in her mother’s B&B.Wilson again doesn’t disappoint in her artistry of capturing the real life heart-breaking emotions one has to go through in life situations, and weaves in a dog to the rescue – and not in a cheesy way.  5 Stars



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