Read the One True Love of Alice-Ann

AliceAnnA book review by Becky Holland. (*Received this book from Tyndale Publishing for review purposes.)

The One True Love of Alice-Ann by Eva Marie Everson

At first glance, the One True Love of Alice-Ann give the impression of a tale of a love story revolving around a woman. Yet, the surprise comes when you realize that Alice-Ann is not an ‘official’ woman – not yet anyway. She is a 16-year-old living in the 1940s in rural Georgia, crushing on her brother’s friend.

Had I read the back of the book first, I would have known that she was a teenager. A lot of times, I don’t read the back of a book I am about to review for the sole purpose of I don’t want my review tainted.

Miss Alice-Ann doesn’t meet the standards set for romantic heroines – no matter their age. Or at least in her mind. She is not a swan – she sees herself as a duckling. She was afraid she would end up like her old maid aunt – Bess.

When Mack gets called to war, Alice-Ann does the unthinkable – she declares her love for him. Caught up in the emotions of the departure and what his future might hold, Mack promises to keep in touch, but he can’t totally return her love. Letters do bring them close together.

Then , the letters stop. While worrying and fearful about Mack and her future, Alice-Ann gets busy with work, and cares for Carlton- the brother of her best friend. Carlton and Alice-Ann become more than friends – yet, there is a piece of her still wondering about Mack.

Will she give it all up for Carlton, or still pine away for Mack? Not going to give that up. I will just give Ms. Everson kudos for her weaving the story as she did – like a a crafter working on a loom to make a beautiful cloth.

It is a good story.

4.8 Stars


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