Fawcett Music receives good rating

2402773A review upon request from Matt Fawcett – discovered through Twitter messaging. Visit his work at http://fawcettmusic.com/. or http://www.nimbitmusic.com/mattfawcett.

By Becky Holland
From ‘Traded it All’ to ‘My God is Bigger’ to ‘Psalm 139,’ Fawcett shares a  love for the Lord through each one of his songs.

About ‘Traded it All,’ Fawcett says, “In life there are a lot trades we make, from time to money to jobs. There are some trades that have more of a lasting impact on our lives than others. This collection of songs was put together from a collection of about 35 songs that didn’t quite make the cut. I hope you can laugh, think, cry and be impacted as I have listening to these songs like I was when I was writing and recording them.”

Fawcett pours what appears to be a genuine passion for sharing God’s message  simply by use of his musical talents. As you listen to each lyric, and are touched by the soulful sounding chords, you can’t help but send Fawcett’s praises onward.

Wrapped in a nice package of gentle chords blended in with Fawcett’s pure tones in his singing, each one of his songs evoke feelings of praise, worship and quiet reflection.
Check him out.

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