Hello My Name Is … Part One

1500x1500srA review section by section of Matthew West’s book, ‘Hello My Name Is,’ to be released through Worthy Publishing. (I received the sections via PDF as a member of the fan launch team.)

By Becky Holland

Matthew West is an award-winning Christian singer who is admired by multitudes of fans. He not only talks, or sings, the talk on stage, West strives to walk the walk. What you see on stage with him, appears to be what you see off stage as well.

Taking his ministry a few steps further, West is also a noted author. His newest book, ‘Hello My Name Is,’ will be released on April 18.

I have received sections of the book in PDF format online since I am a part of the launch team of fans gathered through Worthy Publishing.

Not one to like reading without holding a book, I figured I would skim through.

Then I started reading. Before I knew it, I had read the first section.

From the introduction to page 75, Matthew West takes the reader through a  realistic, Book_v2journey of learning what defines us, who defines – and it is not what the world or ourselves or even satan labels us as.

Matthew writes in the first area, “Every single one of us has a difficult journey to discover our true, God-given identity.”

As I read each paragraph, I felt as if I was getting an intimate peek into his personal walk of spiritual discovery with God. In fact, his conversational style of writing made what Matthew was writing seem more personable, and I could see myself and my own thoughts.

Who isn’t searching to find out their own identity? We all are. Not just young people or mid-lifers, even senior citizens look to answer the age old question, “Who am I?”

Twittered in with some humor and down-to-earth honest, Matthew takes us through a walk in the first section that many of us neglect or maybe ignore. To really know who we are, we must know whose we are.

Each section has some ‘Bible Study’ type questions to get the reader to think – but they are written, again, in such a way, that you think you are sitting in Matthew’s study or living room or over a cup of coffee, just talking. It is not preachy.

The pages that hit home for me,were not just his story of his vocal loss or surgery or the scar on his arm that happened from an accident that could have been tragedy, but when he talks about anxiety and fear. He utilizes the stories of Joshua and Jonah, and their responses to their fears.

I encourage you to purchase this book. I can’t wait to start section two.
Have a great week!

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