Life is an airport

Book_v2A Review of Matthew West’s book – “Hello My Name Is”. (Received the book in three sections of PDF, and just finished Chapter 15. Reviews on other chapters are included in this blog.)

Dear Matthew,

I signed up via Twitter to be on your launch team for your book, ‘Hello My Name Is.’ I really wasn’t interested in the rewards, and all – in fact, I didn’t receive any for three missions I did complete. But that is OK. I was off Facebook for Lent and realized I needed to hold true to that. (In fact, I signed off of Facebook just a few short days ago by deactivating my account.) So I am doing my own little part to get the word out.

I review books for companies and authors – for a hardback copy of the book. I am old school, and would rather read the book as I hold it. Sometimes in reading, I do skim a book – a page here or there.

Your book is the first book I read on the computer, and didn’t skim anything. I dove into each paragraph like my dog does when he gets a treat. I held on to each one, maybe a little deeper on some of the chapters and sections than others – in particular the ones where you discussed anxieties and worries and insecurities.

. Then I got to Chapter 15. Life is an airport. You nailed it with that chapter. In fact, it was like a light bulb went off in my head and heart.

God is enough. The things of we worry about around here or strive for around here aren’t enough. God is enough

In the last few weeks, I have had this feeling like I was a fish flopping out of water. There were times when I just wasn’t sure where I was going or if I was coming or what to do. Most of my life, panic and anxiety, even with being a longterm Christian, would have set in. But it didn’t.

You asked the question, “Are you coming or going?” I had forgotten about the movie “The Terminal.” Tom Hanks is an extraordinary actor, and though that movie wasn’t on the high-must see list for most people. I watched it and loved it, and could relate to it. The feeling of being stuck, being anxious, being worried, and then figuring out, OK, make the situation work for me. In the end, it all works out.

I thought back to many incidents in my life -b three battles that could have been life-threatening with thyroid disease and two cancer battles, obesity, toxic job environment, financial struggles, my mother getting injured by a criminal, a sweet little boy I knew dying of cancer and even some minor “incidents” where I tried to fix it and I tried to make it work. And chaos ensued – either emotional chaos or physical chaos.

After I gave in and reached my weakest point, and stepped out of the way, God made things work out according to His plan.

Just like you mentioned in your book.

You were right in the chapter when you wrote, “We get so caught up in the present that we forget about our final destination. We invest everything into this life, as if this life is all we have. But our time on earth is only a brief existence.

“We were made for more than just our present. Beyond the finish line is where our present ends and our future begins.” Growing up in church, I heard this all of my life, and through life incidents I have been a part of, I witnessed the realness of this statement. But it hit home most recently, as I read it. It was like there was the light bulb in my head and heart.

Thank you for bringing out this point – “In this world you will have trouble . . .” (John 16:33 niv,)  Trouble is inevitable. Problems are a part of life. But we all know how easy it is to let the worries of this world overcome our confidence and steal our hope. The English philosopher John Locke put it this way, “What worries you, masters you.” While Jesus promised us trouble, in the same verse he also said something to keep our worries from mastering us: “But take heart, because I have overcome the world” (John 16:33).”

And He did. As His children, we are promised that as well. (Jeremiah 29:11 isn’t just a trending verse but one with a poignant message.)

I appreciate you writing this book, and taking time out to let God use you to share this message and in the style that you did.

God truly is enough. I am proud to be a child of the true King.

Becky Holland

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