Walking out of the dark

By Becky Holland

A review of Mandisa’s latest releases, I’m Still Here and Prove Me Wrong. Album releases in May.

Life is not promised to be easy. God uses His scriptures to tell us that. In John 16:33, He says we are going to have troubles. But He then says it is OK. He overcame the world.

With the anticipated release of her new album. Out of the Dark, CCM Award Winning Artist, Mandisa gives a revealing, truly transparent look into what ‘living in the valley’ can be like.

Her previous albums were full of proof that God is always with us. We just need to choose to follow Him and be open. 

This one reveals more to God’s message of trusting Him. Of the three songs I have heard, Prove Me Wrong. I’m Still Here and Unfinished, I believe that through Out of the Dark, we will hear a deep heart changing message that touched Mandisa in a real way.

With I’m still here , Mandisa shares a piece of her heart. She went through a hard time. As you listen to the lyrics, you might even recognize your own story. But then she follows up the mission statement of Unfinished. Regardless of how depressed or anxious or worthless she felt, Mandisa states very beautifully. ‘I’m still here.’ God keeps her, us, going.

In Prove Me Wrong, Mandisa , even as a strong Christian has doubts and questions. She knows what is true. But this event made her doubt. We have all been there. So, Mandisa, takes it one step further. She gets harsh and talks to God. 

Most of us have been in that state. We want to believe, but we need guidance or a sign that there is something to believe.

I give these passionate releases five stars and can’t wait to hear the rest of album. @mandisaofficial, #outofthedark. 

Life is a marathon. Not a race. Sometimes walking out of the dark is the answer. Mandisa’s newest album shows us that. 

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