The Campa Chapter closes

By Becky Holland

For the last two to three months, news in my former city of residence, Marshall, Texas,has surrounded the Marshall Police Department and Chief Jesus ‘Eddie’ Campa.

The news hasn’t been favorable for Campa and certain officials tied to him, including several members of his administrative staff.

After years of working in a toxic environment, the officers at MPD decided they had enough, especially when some GPS trackers were found in patrol cars. 

The placement of said trackers led to further questioning of administrators and Chief Campa. When stories told didn’t connect, the officers took their issues to the Texas Municipal Police Association. Clint McNear, TMPA representative, began a thorough investigation into Chief Jesus ‘Eddie’ Campa and his behaviors and actions over the last few years.

Following protocol, McNear soon gathered enough intel, facts and other information to validate the MPD officers’ complaints and gave enough evidence to affirm the need for Campa’s resignation.

Today, what had been a very tense and stormy issue in Marshall came to end as Jesus ‘Eddie’ Campa resigned as chief of police for the Marshall Police Department. 

McNear confirmed this officially for this blogger via text message this afternoon.

A more in depth report I am sure can be heard in KMHT Radio in Marshall or read on their Facebook page.

Ashli Dansby, news director at KMHT, has done a commendable job in reporting in this issue … making sure both sides of the story was told.

McNear told this blogger, “The Marshall Police Department and the community can now move forward as a bright future lies ahead.”

He continued, “We would like to thank Marshall City Manager Lisa Agnor for doing her due diligence in thoroughly examing these tough issues.”

McNear did state that Agnor planned on advertising for the position very quickly. No interim chief had been named as of 4:30pm Monday, April 24.

We understand that Campa resigned to pursue other opportunities. We commend him for doing the right thing for all by moving on.

One thought on “The Campa Chapter closes

  1. Out the door–and don’t let the GPS graze your posterior on the way out to victimize another municipality. I knew, knew, knew from that July night meeting of NCNL in 2015, that he was a fraud. Just another black eye for our already suffering and beleaguered town.


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